Little Angels SUIDI Dolls

Little Angels is a family-owned business that provides specially designed dolls for the sudden, unexplained infant death investigation (SUIDI) community across the country. Used to recreate and document scenes of sudden, unexplained infant death, the dolls are designed and weighted to be as infant-like as possible but are featureless to avoid causing further pain to grieving families. Because investigation photographs have a potential to be used in court cases, the dolls are made from rugged outdoor, water-resistant fabrics that have been determined to show up well in photographs.

Little Angels began with a quilt group’s desire to make a quilt for a deceased newborn who was found alongside the road in a plastic bag in Kitsap County, Washington. The quilt was taken to the county coroner and was eventually used to line the baby girl’s casket. This act of thoughtfulness from members of the community prompted the coroner to tell others, including the SIDS Foundation of Washington, of the quilt group whose mission it was to “use the talents the Lord gave us to help others.”

From that conversation, the SIDS Foundation of Washington contacted the quiltmakers about making dolls for investigators. Working closely with the SIDS Foundation and the investigative community, the quiltmakers developed a pattern for a doll that met the needs of the SUIDI community and Little Angels was born. Little Angels continues to respond to the evolving needs of the SUIDI community, adding additional products requested by investigators, like lightweight training dolls and duffel bags. Because each SUIDI dolls represents the lost life of a precious child, Little Angels is thankful for the opportunity to fill a small, but important, part in seeking resolution to the tragedy of sudden unexplained infant death.